The Adventure of a Lifetime

Original Salvador Dali Artwork - Salvador Dali Oil on Panel

Defying the odds...

While on the hunt for an original, hand-signed Salvador Dalí etching, during a restless night in mid-October, 2017, an original masterpiece was discovered – hand signed, “Gala Salvador Dalí” and dated 1937.

After a closer examination of the artwork with magnification, it was determined that the gouache (a method of painting using opaque pigments ground in water and thickened with a glue-like substance) and India/China ink drawing was original, not an etching or lithograph, appeared to be period, and consistent with similar catalogued works by Salvador Dalí on laid paper, with the correct watermarks.

Salvador Dali Discovery - Lubec, Maine

Hot on the trail...

After the acquisition of this single, unconfirmed, Salvador Dalí pen and ink drawing, it was later revealed that a much larger collection existed, housed by the owner in a decommissioned U.S. Navy radar dome, purchased from the federal government in the 1970's and hand-reassembled on private property some 25 miles away.

Coined “The Dalí Dome™” by the owner when the radar dome was erected, the structure was originally used to restore antique Edsel automobiles, then later repurposed to display what is now known as The LOST DALÍ Collection™. 


Discovery of The Dalí Dome™

A firsthand account of The Dalí Dome’s™ early days revealed that the collector’s original intent for collection was not to selfishly hoard it for personal enjoyment, but rather share it with the world - ironically, in a dome-shaped structure similar in shape to that of the Salvador Dalí Museum located in St. Petersburg, FL. He was hopeful that the exhibition, open to the public, would one day help draw much needed tourism to one of America's last surviving traditional fishing villages, Lubec, Maine, a hidden gem nestled in northeast Acadia just minutes from the Canadian border.

INTERESTING FACT: The Dalí Dome™ was constructed 20 years before the foundation of the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, FL, was poured.

The Dalí Mystery deepens...

Salvador Dali Artwork Discovery - Lubec, Maine 04652

An Englishman with Polish origins living in the South of France?

It was further revealed that The LOST DALÍ Collection™, with the exception of a handful of pieces, was acquired from a long established, single-source owner living in the south of France.

Allegedly, the collection was previously owned by the Frenchman’s father, who is now deceased, then slowly, over at least a 25 year period, sold to last owner of record, which has most graciously passed the torch to SDALÍ.ORG with the hopes we can authenticate the collection and share it with the world.

Lost Salvador Dali Original Pen Ink Drawing

Salvador Dali Book Series, never published by Author!

According to the prior owner, the original artwork hand-signed by Salvador Dalí was never authenticated primarily due to the cost of $2000 USD on average, per piece, per report.

For a collection of 124 unique, original works of art, that amounts to a staggering $200K, and that only covers the costs of visual analysis without scientific testing!

The intent for the collection was the publication of a Dalí Book Series specifically conceptualized to analyze the characteristics of each piece from a purely stylistic standpoint, in an attempt to draw comparisons to the overwhelming similarities in characteristics between newly discovered works in The LOST DALÍ Collection™ and undisputed works by Dalí, displayed in museums and institutions throughout the world.

Sadly, as a result of suffering a stroke, the author never had the opportunity to publish any of his books. SDALÍ.ORG is picking that project back up and plans to publish the author's lifetime of findings and achievements.

Salvador Dali Collection - Gala Salvador Dali

Politics of Salvador DalÍ Art...

With the magnitude of this discovery - comes controversy. Some experts outright dismiss the possibility that The LOST DALÍ Collection™ is real. Others aren't so sure and suggest the possibility is very real.

SDALÍ.ORG needs your help to uncover the truth about the collection through research and scientific testing - removing Politics from the equation.

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